The initiative, in cooperation with Fondo Ambiente Italiano, is divided into three main steps:


  1. Selection of a group of students and payment and establishment of MLOL, a digital online library service, which will improve the educational offer


   2. Training course for the students, on environmental sustainability and the project RISORTA, The related issues, solutions and          potential perspectives, also involving them in the other activities the association is working on at the Institute

   3.  Finally, the students will work as environmental ''Ciceroni'' (tutors), to the benefit of the students of the secondary schools            the Fondo Ambiente Italiano is in contact with


All of the above will allow a reduction in the amount of printed paper and of the economic impact on families, plus a higher awareness of environmental pollution related issues. The future ''Ciceroni'' of the project will then be able to explain not just to their peers but also to their families the potential and benefits of an environmentally sustainable life-style.


Should you want to participate as a volunteer, donor or wish to contribute with your education and teaching skills, please contact us at:

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