The project benefits the students (and families) in the first two years of all curricula at the Institute Enrico Fermi. After identifying, during the first month of the year, the needs of the students and families through the recommendations of their professors, we will activate the following actions:


  1. One to one relationship and personalisation of the educational path


   2. Realisation of peer education paths, thank to the involvement of university students, current and ex-teachers of the Institute.


   3. Attention to the relational and emotional components of the education process


   4. Valorisation of the experiential/practical, intuition-analogical and ludic components of the learning process


During the ''individual meetings'', auto-biographical method related instruments will also be adopted, as they are frequently used in adults training contexts, to explore the experience of the students and their families for what concerns their relation with the school and learning process


Place and time


Enrico Fermi Institute, Via Monte Nero 15, Arona (NO) (land floor, central corridor)


MONDAY 14.30-16.30 WEDNESDAY 14.30-16.30 FRIDAY 14.30-16.30

Should you want to participate as a volunteer, donor or wish to contribute with your education and teaching skills, please contact us at:

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