In collaboration with some local businesses, the Association Amici del Fermi aims to upgrade an entire green area nearby the Institute in a semi-abandoned state.


While collecting the proper tensile structures, recycling bins, benches and tables, with the support of private citizens and businesses from our community, the purpose is to grant all the students of the Institute the possibility of using an outdoor space for leisure and educational uses.


The final objective is to provide the students of our community with further options of training and socialisation in a safe space, where they can attend teaching activities outside while respecting the environment, studying with their peers during extra-school hours, having lunch in the open and resting during breaks.


Place and time


Enrico Fermi Institute, Via Monte Nero, 15, Arona (NO)


Should you want to participate as a volunteer, donor or wish to contribute with your gardening skills, please contact us at:

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